Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hiking, Visiting and a Gift!

Today was bright, sunny and warm when I got up but by about 2 p.m. we had thunderstorms.

I had a nice walk this morning and after breakfast we checked out some trails. The first trail we didn't even get going on as it's now a private golf course and the entrance to the actual trail is now down the road where there's no parking!

From there we did another trail off Davidson Road in the south end of the city not far from us. Other than a lot of trees and a bit of swamp that was difficult to see because of trees we didn't see a lot of interest but it was a nice walk listening to the wind in the trees.

We only saw this one swamp iris.

The clouds were really pretty.

Then on to Conroy Pit although we found it's no longer a pit but is used for a tobogganing hill in the winter so it's now all grassy with no water. This is an 'off-leash' spot for dogs to run as well. I'd like to go back there as there are lots of trails off the main one that we didn't get to explore.

This little schnauzer came over to say hi. She reminded me of Jasmine.

Someone did this dog sculpture out of wood.

This butterfly kept flying around us and teasing us but it did stop a few times so I managed to get a photo.

This afternoon I went to my sister's house for a while. Both Nick and Danica were there and Becky (Nick's wife) stopped by after she finished work. I got to spend a couple of hours with them. I picked up the mail when I was there and Ellie's gift to me was there!

Here's a photo of it (taken by my husband), it's a saguaro cactus and a roadrunner. It is so delicate and pretty, thank you Ellie! I love it!


  1. Hey I have missed you guys....Been a little busy here but it is good to have time to read you again. I hope that I have not scared you off??? I really am sane...I think. We are have so much fun but I wish you and Gordon could have been here with us!! Maybe we can meet at the next one or maybe we will see you on the road??

    Speedy and Sherri

  2. That roadrunner is really pretty! I have been keeping my eye out for one done in beads. I may have to do one when things settle down and I get all caught up from the travels.
    It's good to know that Gordon doesn't have Valley Fever anymore. I hope he finds out what's wrong with the back and good luck on the license.


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