Monday, 16 June 2008

Errands, Taking Photos, Storms

We had quite a thunderstorm last evening with lots of rain. One of the new houses going up not that far from us was hit by lightning causing damage to the tune of about $400,000 and one firefighter injury. The Prescott Hotel, a long standing Ottawa icon in the Italian District was hit as well but no damage there.

I got up late this morning. Just felt like staying in bed a while longer so I did! When I got up it was a bit cloudy but no rain so I got my walk in.

After breakfast Gordon had to go and have some bloodwork done so I went along for the ride. He also needed a new cell phone holder as the clip broke on his so we stopped at Carlingwood for that. Then we drove to the Ottawa River Parkway and stopped at one of the parks by the river and took some photos and walked a bit then back to Bate Island. There didn't seem to be as many 'critters' today but there was a couple feeding birds and groundhogs. The groundhogs were coming right up to them and taking food out of their hands.

Driving east on the Ottawa River Parkway

Part of the Champlain Bridge which connects Ontario and Quebec

We walked along the pathway that runs along the Ottawa River Parkway

Just some pretty clouds.

Taken from Bate Island - downtown Gatineau, Quebec on the left and downtown Ottawa, Ontario on the right.

A flotilla of geese

Duck and ducklings swimming in the Ottawa River

Geese in flight

There was a couple at Bate Island that were feeding the animals and birds. These groundhogs would take food right from their hands.

We also stopped in the Experimental Farm and took a few photos. The sky was showing signs of a thunderhead coming our way for this afternoon as was forecast.

A storm brewing over the Experimental Farm

A road in the Experimental Farm

After lunch we both lay down to read and nap and the storm came late in the afternoon bringing more rain and thunderstorms.

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