Thursday, 19 June 2008

Errands, Critters, More Rain

Last night on the rv-dreams chatroom the heavy rain and cloud kept knocking out the satellite so I finally gave up. It rained all night and was still raining this morning but I did manage to get in about a 15 minute walk/run between the drops. We're starting to feel like we're in Texas with all the cloud we've had. Not that it's always cloudy in Texas, just when we're there it seems.

We're also having below normal temperatures although our new little electric heater is well able to keep up with keeping the RV warm enough.
We had cloud and sun all morning but no real rain to speak of.

Gordon went out early to do some photography but I elected to stay behind as I really need to get my niece's trumpet painted. I tried painting notes, they didn't turn out well, the lines are too thick so if she wants to she can wash them off. I did little flowers around the inside and outside of the horn part. I'm finding my hands too shaky to do much fine detail work these days so maybe it's time to put the paints to rest. In searching for the paints I did find a couple more things I want to do before I give the paints and books away forever though!

Here's the trumpet:

Since I had a bag of carrots and some bread that I wanted to give to the animals so we went to Bate Island this afternoon. Max, the groundhog, was so cute. He will come right up and gently take the carrot from your fingers then sit there and munch on it. We soon had a whole crowd of ducks, geese, seagulls and squirrels too. The geese are very aggressive coming right up to you. I was afraid to put my fingers anywhere near it's mouth!

Max with his carrot
If you want to see Max, The Movie go to:

Me feeding the critters
From there we stopped at our financial advisor's to sign some papers then Gordon dropped me at the library so I could get some reading material while he got a haircut. Then on to my sister's where I dropped off the trumpet.

While we were there my sister and her husband were having their new living room furniture delivered. It looks really nice and comfortable!

We also found a place to weigh the rig thanks to my brother-in-law however when we got back to the RV I had an email from State Farm saying we need a Class A license so I guess they take the definition literally rather than actually reading what it says.
I know State Farm don't often insure RVs so I expect they didn't research it very well to give me an answer. I'll have to do some more research myself and call another insurance company that insures RVs specifically and see what they say. Nothing's ever easy, it seems!

We no sooner got home that the rain started again! Time to build an ark!
Just to let you know I might not be on chat tonight because of the rain.


  1. What a great job on the horn! It's fun seeing something done that you've thought about for so long. It's very pretty.

  2. The horn is lovely, and I really enjoyed the video of Max.
    Thanks. Happy Trails. Penny, TX

  3. Anonymous11:07 pm

    I asked the local license office here in Kirkland Lake and they told me that I do not need any license other that my G that I have now.
    Wilf Blakey
    Kirkland Lake,Ontario


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