Friday, 25 April 2008

Income Tax - there should be a law against it!

I walked around the industrial park again this morning and finally found a way across the railroad tracks when I came back. The path on the other side of the tracks isn't much but if I cross the double set of tracks on the other side, I'm in another industrial park so maybe I'll check that one out too.

The path.

This cardinal was way up in the tree singing for me this morning.

More spring trees.

We had an appointment today to sign our income tax forms. Unfortunately we have to pay! How does that happen? We're not making any money and we still have to pay income tax. Doesn't seem right somehow that retired folks have to do that. So we got that overwith, now I just have to go to the bank and part with the funds.

After that we stopped briefly at my sister's but my niece was the only one home and Gordon wanted to go and get his picture of the day and get home so he could rest. So we left without waiting for my sister to get home from work. I'll see her this weekend hopefully.

We stopped briefly at Hog's Back Park and caught several photos of this cute little raccoon who was helping himself to the garbage in the garbage container as well as some photos of Hog's Back Falls.

Another day in the life of a fulltime RVer.

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