Monday, 21 April 2008

Doctor and Lots of Errands!

Last night's sunset was quite pretty.

I was up early again this morning. I thought I wouldn't have to do that anymore now that we're not traveling but I wanted to get in my walk, breakfast and such before Gordon's doctor's appointment. We left early as all good little Virgos do and were early for the appointment.

This is our neighbour's palm tree.

These seed pods from the white birch remind me of the ocotillo flower.

Our doctor had never heard of Valley Fever however she takes everything in stride and sent him for a blood test to check his liver function and gave him a requisition for a chest x-ray at the local Ottawa hospital. She is also setting up an appointment with an infectious disease specialist and arranging another CT scan of the affected lung.

Travel on our local freeway called The Queensway AKA Hwy 417.

We got all the receipts in the mail for the travel medical insurance for Gordon's Emergency visits in Tucson and our dental claims from Mesa to my extended health care. While we were out Gordon also got a much-needed haircut and a chiropractic adjustment. I'll leave mine till another day.

While at the doctor's I made an appointment to see her tomorrow to have her look at my foot - yes, finally I'm getting my foot looked at from when I sprained it before Christmas. I can here cheers from all the people in the rv-dreams chatroom. We also stopped at Sears to get Gordon's watchband replaced and had a noon breakfast at the Carlingwood Restaurant located in the mall. After picking up a few groceries and driving through the Experimental Farm on the way home including stopping at the Ornamental Gardens in the Experimental Farm for a few photos of spring flowers.

The road that goes through the Experimental Farm.

One of the barns in the Experimental Farm.

Part of the Ornamental Gardens. Come June this area will be alive with peonies.

Crocus in the gardens.

A bed of spring flowers.

More spring flowers.

And white ones.

We got home around 3:00 p.m. (we left at 9:00 a.m.) and the manager of the RV park was just about to pick up the leaves that I had raked on Saturday.

I got a lot of items crossed off my list today!

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