Thursday, 6 March 2008

Desert Museum and Potluck

I had another lovely long walk this morning into a different part of Tucson Mountain Park. I was gone about 50 minutes.

The gate to Tucson Mountain Park

Pretty desert scene

When I came back we decided to go to the Desert Museum this morning so we got there in lots of time for the Raptor Free Flight but it wasn't very good today as it was too windy and raptors don't like to fly in the wind. The Chihuahan Raven didn't mind though and he put on his little performance. There still wasn't much in their new exhibit 'Life on the Rocks' and not many birds in the Aviary. The hummingbirds are still nesting and flying around like crazy. On our way out a docent had a Western Screech Owl that he was holding. It's a tiny little owl and even though it's called a screech owl, it doesn't screech. Go figure!

Pink and red fairy dusters. Pink ones are native to the Sonoran desert. Red ones come from California.

Barn owl flying toward me.

Chihuahan Raven

Western Screech Owl

Both our backs were killing us from standing waiting for the Raptor Free Flight and then through it a total of about 50 minutes so we lay down for a bit when we got home.

Then I had to get busy and make scalloped potatoes to take to Jim and Ellie's potluck tonight. Fellow fulltimers Joyce and Jim were there as well. We had an excellent meal and sat around after and chatted for a bit afterwards.

Ellie with Mr. Bo Jangles and Jim with Jasmine

Jim & Gordon
Jim & Joyce
My scalloped potatoes

Today was a bit cooler at 65F (18C) but I was listening to a Toronto radio station today and I hear they will be getting 8" (20cm) of snow over the next couple of days so we don't have it so bad! I got an email from my sister in Ottawa tonight. They got 10.6 in. (27 cm) of snow yesterday and another 19.7 in (50 cm) expected over the weekend. It's close to setting a record!

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