Friday, 18 January 2008

A Tangle with a Cholla

I had planned to go back to the Mesa Fleamarket this morning but decided I was too lazy today and since we're staying an extra week, I can always go next week. I try to stay away from it on the weekend but there's probably no more people there on the weekend than there is on Fridays.

So after breakfast and such, I set out for a walk. I noticed this Hi Lo trailer in the low position.

I wound up walking in the desert where there are no scheduled paths. Don't plan to do this unless you have on sturdy shoes. As you can see from the photos below, teddy bear cholla look cute and soft but they aren't and they stick like glue. Luckily I had my gloves on as I tried taking these out by just pulling them, then they stuck to my gloves. You have to pull right at the root to get them out. Nasty little things!

Stuck to my shoe

When trying to pull it out of my shoe, it stuck to my glove and even pierced a leather glove!

I was walking in the desert off the trail

This morning I input into my Excel spreadsheet all my receipts so far for the month of January, got some things printed out that I've been wanting to do but couldn't get my labels printed for Bookcrossing as I've totally forgotten how to do that. I'll have to read the help file.

Gordon browned half of the roast that I bought yesterday at Bashas. The other half I froze. Tomorrow I'll put it in the crockpot with some vegetables. Gordon's still eating soft foods today because of his tooth extraction.

I also managed to get the place vacuumed and a little cleaning done, although when I was vacuuming I stepped on the vacuum hose and twisted my foot again. It's not nearly as bad as last time though. Hopefully it won't set me back!

I wandered around outside this afternoon trying to get close enough to one of our hummingbirds to get a good photo. With my camera you have to get really, really close. Even with cropping the photo, they still look far away!

Here he is, isn't he cute!

TV and chat tonight!

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