Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dentist Appointment & A Drive

Gordon has been having problems with a tooth so today he made an appointment at a local dentist's office and went and had x-rays done. The x-rays show the tooth has an abscess which is what he thought so tomorrow out it comes. I made a bunch of phone calls to Nortel Human Resources and SunLife Insurance this morning to see what my Nortel extended health care covers when out of country and it looks like it is 80% of the dental work will be covered. The charges at this dentist are extremely reasonable. While there I asked what it would cost to get my teeth cleaned and she told me $74 or $68 with a coupon from the local paper. Such a deal! Unfortunately they don't have an opening before January 24th so tomorrow while Gordon's getting his tooth pulled I'm going to find out when they have an appointment and if we have to stay a week longer, we can do that.

That was the most exciting part of our day. I did go for a walk around the park this morning staying on the paved road but didn't see anything new to take a photo of.

The rest of the day I spent surfing the internet, making bracelets and reading.

Just before sunset we went for a drive and took some photos of the Goldfield Mountains in the golden light just before sunset and Red Mountain. By the time we got to Red Mountain the su had mostly gone away so Red Mountain isn't so red.

Goldfield MountainsNote how the greenery only goes part way up the mountain

Red Mountain with the Salt River in the foreground

Our restroom/shower house looks like a UFO! (Thanks to my husband for the photo!)

This morning started out sunny but this afternoon was only partly sunny and by the time sunset arrived it had clouded over but after the sunset, the sky turned red at the horizon. By that time the card was out of my camera so no photos!

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