Monday, 29 October 2007

Our Day in St. Louis

The park that is part of the Gateway Arch National Memorial

Gateway Arch in the reflecting pool

Gateway Arch at sunset taken from the Eads Bridge

It appears that to get from this campground in East St. Louis to the interstate that we want to take us to our next stop has only one entrance which is closed. There is no detour sign, no idea of an alternate route, the sign just says 'seek alternate route'. OK, we don't know the area so what do we do now? Lucky for us we decided to check this out today instead of waiting till tomorrow when we're towing. It's something we've tried to do more and more lately in big cities, check the route out first! So what we've decided to do is go back the way we came about 10 miles to get to the bypass and take that to I-44. It's sort of a convoluted way of getting there but there's less traffic and we won't have to tow through the major part of the city.

We started out going northwest to the first exit and trying to turn around to go southeast but there was no entrance ramp. Another thing we've found more and more of lately - in Buffalo, NY, and Columbus, OH. They don't make it easy for people who don't know the city to get around!

Enough of the big city rant. This morning Gordon walked over to downtown St. Louis, walked around taking photos and went up in the Gateway Arch. He took some beautiful photos!

This afternoon we went in search or propane and also to find out way out of here which brought on the above rant. I also tried to find a grocery store but all I found was a Save A Lot and they didn't have anything that I had on my list so I'm leaving it till we get to Joplin, MO tomorrow.

Late this afternoon we set out to go to the Gateway Arch again. We had Security pick us up and drive us to the train station (a benefit of staying at this park), then we walked from the train station, across the Mississippi River on the Eads Bridge and over to the Arch. It is a 630 foot work of art! There is also a park with a reflecting pool that is part of the Gateway Arch National Memorial. We walked through the park taking lots of photos and went into the entrance and through the Museum of Westward Expansion and the shops. It was very close to closing so we weren't inside all that long. We then walked back across the Mississippi River and back to the RV Park. So I got to walk from Illinois to Missouri and back again across the Mississippi River. It was quite a walk and my back is telling me about it!

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