Monday, 15 October 2007

Port Colborne and Fort Erie (Ontario)

Here I am with the Buffalo, NY skyline in the background

Here's the Peace Bridge that will take us from Ontario to NY State next Thursday on our way south!

Sunrays over Lake Erie (taken from within our RV Park)

This morning after my walk and breakfast we drove to the little town of Port Colborne to get some groceries. The only interesting thing about the town as far as I could see was that the Welland Canal runs through it so we so two ocean going vessels going through. The Welland Canal takes the ships from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. We came home and unpacked the groceries. I read for a while and then the sun came out so off we went again.

This time we drove in the opposite direction to Fort Erie which is where we'll be crossing into the U.S. next Thursday. We drove around the town for a while. It seems that there's pretty much everything there that we need including a Bulk Barn! For those of you who aren't familiar with Bulk Barn, they have all sorts of product in bins. You can take what you need out of the bin and it's weighed at the cash. They have everything from candy to nuts to flours including gluten free flours to teas to spices. I really miss it when we go to the U.S.

While in Fort Erie we found the actual Fort that was built by the British in the mid 1700's. Gordon found it interesting but I'm not much for history. I did take a photo of it as you will see below.

On our way back we drove toward Lake Erie through the little town of Ridgeway and to Crystal Beach and Pleasant Beach. Then drove around inside the RV Resort when we got back. There are literally hundreds of park model homes here grouped into little communities and lots of them overlooking either Lake Erie or the Quarry. There are some nature trails around within the RV Park. Hope the weather keeps improving. I'd like to check them out!

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