Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Errands in Fort Erie (Ontario)

There was some rain overnight but it was just cloudy and warm 16C (61F) when I left to walk this morning. I took my camera with me today and took some shots around the campground as you will see below.

The morning sky

Wetlands near our campsite

More of the wetlands area

Ducks in the wetlands

Late this morning I left to go into Fort Erie to run some errands. When I got our medication for our trip, I didn't get enough of one of Gordon's so I had called my pharmacy in Ottawa yesterday to see if there was any left on his prescription and if I could transfer it to Fort Erie. They responded in the affirmative to both my questions so that was my first stop this morning. I was thinking he would have to go to a doctor in the U.S. to have it prescribed there but luckily I had no problem transferring it to Fort Erie. The next thing I wanted to do was find out if we could get a flu shot so I went to the Walk In Urgent Care Clinic. They just got the flu serum in today so when I returned home, Gordon and I went back and got our shots so that's something else we don't have to get while in the U.S. Here our health insurance pays for it. I also had some items to pick up at Walmart like Gordon's favorite rice crackers and some other things. I also made a stop at the local Bulk Barn and got some Reese's pieces, Gordon's favorite candy.

We stopped again at Crystal Beach, Canada's Southern Coast (according to their sign) for a few photos. I took one that reminded me of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

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