Monday, 24 September 2007

Road Trip

Since Gordon was feeling better today and it was such a beautiful day we decided to go north of Lindsay on Hwy 35 to see if the leaves were turning. We stopped in Minden (Ontario) at the Tourist Bureau to get some information but Gordon already had our route planned out. We drove toward Haliburton (Ontario) along a pretty lake however there was no place to pull off and take any photos which always aggravates Gordon. We did manage to get some photos however one of which are the leaves across Cranberry Lake shown above. It was early yet for the leaves to be really beautiful but then with the dry summer we've had who knows if they will!

This is another pretty river but unfortunately I didn't see a name for it anywhere.

After driving north from Haliburton to Eagle Lake and then back to Hwy 35, we drove north to Hawk Lake Log Chute which is pictured above behind me.

It was another bright, sunny day with clear blue skies and a high of 26C (79F). A really lovely day for the 2nd day of Fall!

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