Friday, 28 September 2007

About Yo Yos

Okay, I'm not talking about the ones that you do 'walk the doggie' with. I'm talking about the ones made from cloth. I've been making yo yos for years. It's a hobby that's fairly compact and you can take pretty much anywhere. I used to make them on cruises, on airplanes and even traveling in vehicles but I lost interest somewhere a few years ago. Anyway when we started our Odyssey, I did bring them along so today I got them out. I also have some books on what to do with yo yos so I decided to start a yo yo quilt. I sorted the yo yos into basic colors and then started putting together quilt blocks. I made two green ones and most of a purple one today before my fingers and my back decided that was enough for this time.

Will I finish the quilt? The jury's out on that one. I don't really like sewing. That's one way I don't take after my mother. And yo yos require hand sewing, even worse! And if I do finish it, will it stay together? Not betting on that one! But it's kept me occupied for most of today while it rained on and off.

For anyone interested in how to make a yo yo, click here.

Here's a photo of one of my yo yos:

And here's one of one of my yo yo quilt blocks:

And there was only one casualty when I stuck the seam ripper into my finger. OUCH!

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  1. Anonymous1:49 pm

    Sandra, I'm glad to finally know what those little circles are called! I never heard them called yo yo's but my mother and aunts made them!

    Happy Travels,


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