Sunday, 8 July 2007

Seeing Friends

I’m not a fair weather walker but it was drizzly, 17C (63F) as I took my walk and my camera. Of course, I didn’t see anything this morning. Often deer are out when it’s rainy but I guess they were taking a break today. I wore my old sneakers this morning as I knew just by putting the new ones on, I wouldn’t be walking anywhere in them.

Today was the day that I was to get together with my friends, Sandy and Nancy. We all worked at Nortel together and we meet once a year and have lunch and make an afternoon of it and today was no different. We met at Kelsey’s at the Centrum Plaza in Kanata. Luckily our waiter was a friend of Sandy’s daughter so we didn’t have to rush to leave and spent 3 ½ hours getting caught up and looking at Sandy’s photos of her five week trip to Australia and Tasmania last year. What a beautiful trip!

When I left it was pouring rain but as the day progressed the weather got better although the sun never really came out all day (at least at this point in posting). I arrived home just after 4:00 p.m. under cloudy, quite humid weather.

Pictured below are “the girls”.

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