Monday, 9 July 2007

Another Brief Trip to the City

It was cloudy, humid and 18C (64F) this morning as I set out however on my way back it started to rain. Luckily I had my wind jacket with me. It’s not waterproof but it helps.

After breakfast we got ready to go into Ottawa as Gordon had a late morning follow-up doctor’s appointment. I had made a chiropractor’s appointment for tomorrow but called and changed it to this afternoon instead so between appointments we stopped and had some lunch at Wendy’s, picked up a few groceries at Loeb (local grocery chain) and then drove down Richmond Road to Wellington Street to see if there were any changes. Most of the changes were in the little community of Westboro. It's really becoming built up and quite trendy.

We came back on the Ottawa River Parkway and stopped at Remic Rapids where we came across these pretty rock sculptures. They are created by hand by a man named John FĂ©lice Ceprano and are quite pretty to look at. It’s too bad it was very cloudy at the time these photos were taken.

We arrived back home early this afternoon in time to read and nap!

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