Monday, 18 June 2007

More Appointments and Errands

This morning was quite a bit cooler 17C (62F) and only partly sunny. I walked further than usual this morning. I’ll have to measure it in the truck to see how far it is though.

We had an appointment with our doctor to get the results of our medicals and everything turned out well. After that we had lunch in the Food Court at Bayshore, ran some errands, went to the chiropractor and then came home as it was starting to rain and Gordon thought he forgot to close one of the vents and indeed one vent was open but it hadn’t rained very hard so it wasn’t a problem. That’s something we have to remember to do but as you get older you can’t remember anything!

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and napping. Looks like the weather this week isn’t going to be very nice, cool and wet after tomorrow late in the day. This is supposed to carry on till at least Friday.

By the way, I finally got another blog visitor counter to work!

I didn’t take any photos today but I’ll leave you with one that Gordon took last night. He actually got up out of bed to go out and take it.

Saturn (dimmest spot), Venus, & the Moon

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