Sunday, 17 June 2007

Baird Trail & Visiting Neighbours

Got up late this morning, about 8:50 a.m. I had such dreams last night, all active with me participating so I feel like I didn’t sleep much. It also rained during the night and I got up to close the window so it was warmer inside than before and I think that contributed to it.

Anyway it was 22C (72F) when I got up. It also looked like rain again so I only walked as far north as River Road on Appleton Side Road and back.

I had a nap this morning and after lunch we found the trail near Middleville that we looked for yesterday. It’s called the Baird Trail and it was quite pretty with a lot of pine trees and a boardwalk through the wetlands. We didn’t see much except for some butterflies but I thought I saw some bear tracks……..

When we got home John & Jean were sitting outside with Sarah so I went over and talked to them for a while then back to make dinner!

Happy Anniversary Margie & John!


Happy Father's Day!

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Photos Along the Baird Trail

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