Thursday, 3 May 2007

A Visit in Brockville

This morning was sunny again and 9C (48F). I actually had to take my jacket off on my walk this morning. The sun was warm!

This morning I decided I could see some roots so I coloured my hair. It’s so much easier to colour when it’s short.

I got an email from my Aunt Ruth in Brockville this morning so we went down to see her this afternoon. I can’t believe I forgot to take photos. Her son-in-law, Glen came in while we were there and I got distracted. I’m glad we got to see Aunt Ruth and having Glen arrive too was a bonus!

The store called when we were on our way to Brockville to let me know that my duvet cover was in so we went straight to the shopping mall and picked it up and had Subway and Taco Bell for dinner.

When I got home I put the new duvet and shams on to be sure they fit and then started packing for our weekend in Toronto, Kitchener and possibly Niagara Falls.

I may not post tomorrow night as we’re staying at Betty’s and she doesn’t have internet access.

Our new duvet & shams

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