Friday, 27 October 2006

Putting in Time Till We Can Get Out of the Cold

Happy Birthday Grace! Our oldest granddaughter turned six today!

It was -5C (23F) this morning when I got up so I decided that I wouldn’t walk as I didn’t want to dig out my winter coat!

Just a note in case I forget. When we’re traveling (if we can ever get out of here/, I probably won’t be posting daily as we probably won’t set up the internet satellite so don’t worry. I’ll post it when we’re situated. Right now it’s looking like we might be here at Mallorytown until Monday.

Late this morning we went into Brockville to pick up a few things. We got there in a roundabout way. First we went west on Hwy 401 to see how bad the construction is. If it was something that would tie us up when we were leaving we would take the Thousand Islands Parkway but they are doing bridge work and only one lane is blocked so traffic isn’t stopped. We drove toward Brockville on the 1000 Islands Parkway and took some photos along the way. Gordon said today that after all the beautiful places we’ve seen, this is a beautiful spot too.

For those that aren’t familiar with the area, the Thousand Islands Parkway is a scenic parkway bordering the St. Lawrence River between Gananoque and Brockville in the 1000 Islands Region.

We got home mid afternoon, the sun was still shining but looking like it is about to leave us. We’re scheduled for a weekend of rain – Again!

Below is a photo I took of our RV in the park this morning

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  1. Sandra,
    We will be in AZ till after the Holidays and then caravan with 7 others to FL for some rallys. We most likely will be around the Tampa area but don't have a spot yet so will find something when we get there -- have a hard time scheduling anything like the freeness.

    Drive safe and enjoy the trip south.


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