Monday, 23 October 2006

A Little Pampering

My new cut and colour

Another cold, cloudy morning. It sure makes you want to stay in bed where it’s warm but I did get up and walk.

I decided this morning that I was going out to get my hair coloured and cut. I’ve been doing the colouring myself since we went on the road so decided to give myself a treat. When it’s this cold, you just don’t feel like doing much. Since I don’t have a hairdresser that I go to regularly usually frequenting First Choice salons, I saw a Magic Cuts in Barrhaven and went there. The hairdresser/manager was a nice young Chinese guy from Beijing but has been in Ottawa about 10 years. He did quite a good job. My hair is no longer all one length and is much lighter (as in weightless). It’s good for a change but I’ll have to get used to it. It’s a wash and go style. While I was out I picked up some needed items before we head south and got Gordon some candy at Bulk Barn so he’s okay until we get to the U.S. where they have ‘decent’ candy.

Since we need to stay in Ontario for 5 months (which we’ve done) and Canada for six months (which unless we stay until October 29th we haven’t, we’ve decided to leave here and stop at the Ivy Lea KOA until Sunday and then head south from there so we’ll be legal!

After I got back from shopping, I lay down for a while but couldn’t nap so got up and made stew. It’s definitely stew weather!

Apparently while I was gone, my brother-in-law, John came over for a visit. Margie was sick all weekend and is off work today. Both Gordon and I have been fighting something this weekend as well.

A note of sadness: Gordon’s cousin, Judy’s daughter, Katy and her husband and baby were in an accident on the weekend. Her daughter and baby are okay but her husband was killed instantly. They all live in Ohio.

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