Saturday, 2 September 2006

Ernesto Arrives as Forecast

Red lawn chairs in a row (taken by Gordon this week)

The campground is pretty full this weekend

This morning was cloudy and cool but at least it wasn’t raining yet. I did my walk around the park instead of on the road and noticed that most seasonal people are here this weekend. Also you will see from the photo that there are lots of tents and tent trailers around. The park is pretty much full this weekend.

Ernesto arrived in the form of rain and some wind just after 12 noon as predicted by the weather forecaster. The plan today had been to go to a corn roast at a cottage down the way from Betty & Garth’s, however with the rain and the corn roast to be held outside, we decided to stay at home and try to keep warm. With the electric heater on, it keeps the cold at bay but we don’t run it if we’re going to be out so unless we put the furnace on it would be very cold and damp if we were out all afternoon and evening.

I had purchased a camp toaster some time ago, I think I wrote about it when I bought it and today was the first time I used it. It works quite well so I had a BLT for lunch. I don’t crave toast very often but today seemed like a really good day for it.

Just before dinner, Gordon decided that we should put the awning up in case the wind picked up during the night. It’s bad enough to have to put the awning up in the rain let alone in the dark too.

I had an accordion file to hold maps and tourist books from different states and provinces which would no longer close so I went through that and disposed of things not needed. I took the maps and put an elastic band around them. Hopefully we’ll be able to carry them in the truck so they will be there when we need them.Other than organizing maps, reading, naps and TV, not much got accomplished today.

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