Sunday, 27 August 2006

Lousy Weather Today

Today has been a lousy day weatherwise. I did manage to get I a short walk this morning between rain showers. On top of the rain it’s been very humid and misty for most of the day.

It was in the plan today to get the laundry done. For it only being a week, I had lots of laundry so trucked on into Lindsay to the Laundromat I was at last week. Again no one was there till I was packing up to leave. The one bad thing about this Laundromat is no washroom. I thought maybe since it’s also a gas station that the convenience store would have one but the cashier said that he had let someone use it and they put paper towel down the toilet and it was plugged. So after my clothes were in the dryer I went over to Loblaws to use their facilities. Not too convenient but the washrooms in Laundromats are usually not very clean anyway.

After laundry I stopped at National Grocers and picked up a few things. Checked out the new Dollar Store in that plaza. It’s more like a department store than a dollar store. I was going to hit Food Basics too but the parking lot was full. Then I remembered it was Sunday and the place would be a zoo so I decided I’d go back in tomorrow.

This afternoon we also had to dump the tanks. The sewer is too high so the sewage doesn’t flow properly out of the hose so it’s a two person not-very-nice job and the sewer is quite a ways from the RV so we have to use two hoses connected. The connection usually leaks so we use a plastic bag to catch the leakage. Also not nice!

After that we headed to the campground showers. They have a lot of water pressure so I find it good especially for rinsing my hair.

The sun did come out around dinner time so hopefully tomorrow will be nicer.

We spent the evening watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

I didn't take any photos today so borrowed one from Gordon that he took when we were near Carleton Place.

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