Saturday, 29 July 2006

Wedding Gift Opening Party

The happy couple relax after an afternoon of opening wedding gifts

All the bows were being put on Nick's person somewhere -he's a good sport about it

Nick & Becky open one of the gifts from Debbie & Peter (Margie & John's long time friends)

Our Mom (Nick's Nanny) made this quilt for Nick before she passed away. There was a note on it to give it to him for his wedding

Nick and Becky open Best Man, Pete's gifts

Nick and Becky open Best Man, Pete's gifts

Becky's Dad, Al chugs champagne (I told him I'd take his photo if he did it)

Gift from us - photo of the Nick's Uncle Garth and Aunt Betty's cottage taken by Uncle David (Gordon) and changed to a conputer generated watercolour painting

Nick & Becky open gift from Nick's Uncle Albert and Aunt Reina

Nick's Aunt Terry and cousin Ben couldn't come to the wedding from England. Photo above is of Nick and Becky opening one of their gifts.

Today there was a gift opening party at Becky's Opa and Oma's house. I'm not going to write about it. I'll just post photos. By the way, these photos represent only a small portion of those actually received.


  1. I love that they got a quilt! My mom makes quilts and I treasure every one she's made for me and the kids. It's special that it was saved for his wedding from his Nanny!

  2. Yes, it was very special. I didn't realize that my sister had saved it. I remember when we found the trunk full of quilts when we cleaned out her house. She had made one for each of us with a note attached so we knew whose was whose.


  3. Anonymous12:59 am

    I love the ring my husband gifted me last week. I know he had purchased it from CouponAlbum site.


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