Thursday, 27 July 2006

Helping Out

Nick and his best man, Pete (taken last night at the rehearsal dinner)

It was cloudy and humid this morning but still managed to do my walk. After breakfast and some interneting, I mowed the area around our ‘house’. With all the rain we’ve had it was badly needed and if I didn’t do it today, it probably wouldn’t get done till Sunday as the next two days will be busy.

This afternoon one of our neighbours that we met last year came over and asked if we could move his trailer. He’s one of the seasonal people here at the park. They bought a new trailer that is being delivered tomorrow so Gordon moved his trailer off his site and into an area where it can be picked up tomorrow after the new one is delivered. He did a very professional job!

I was sitting outside reading my book when Gordon poked his head out the door. He just had socks on and we started talking and he started to come outside, lost his footing and slipped coming down the stairs. It seems like he broke his toe so we had to go out and get tape and gauze to bind it so he’ll be able to get into his shoes tomorrow for the wedding. He’s also got an abscessed tooth that we’re hoping won’t get any worse. He’ll have to go in and get it pulled on Monday.


  1. Anonymous9:18 am

    Please tell me you really meant "he wasn't wearing shoes" as opposed to "all he was wearing was socks"....otherwise that fall would have been even more embarrassing!! Poor guy !! He'll be a hurtin' unit at the wedding...try and have fun though..hope the weather holds !!


  2. Right. He wasn't wearing shoes. Thanks, Laura. Yes, hope the weather holds, it's cloudy right now and it's supposed to be cloudy all day.


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