Monday, 24 July 2006

Got Lots of Errands Run Today

Spider's web in the early morning dew (taken on my morning walk)

Today was bright and sunny again with no humidity until late afternoon again when we had a little shower. After my walk, I got the laundry ready and went into town to the laundromat. Then I picked up some wine for Nick and Becky’s rehearsal dinner on Wednesday night, got some groceries, looked around the little mall in Carleton Place, picked up Gordon’s pants at the dry cleaners, stopped at the new Shopper’s Drug Mart and got home around 1:30 p.m.

After unpacking groceries, unpacking laundry and getting the bed remade, I sat outside and read for a while until I got bitten by a mosquito then came in and cleaned my strawberries (about half of them were rotten and they weren’t even on sale)! I made a small potato salad for Gordon for Wednesday night as he won’t be able to eat what the rest of us are eating at the rehearsal dinner so he’ll have to pack a lunch to take to the party.

The remainder of the day/evening just went by as normal and we didn’t get any more rain as of this posting.

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