Sunday, 14 May 2006

WalMart Day!

Today was another cloudy, rainy day. I managed to get my walk in this morning before it rained. I walked across the street to a dead end street called Stephanie that runs along the river. Of course, you can’t see the river for the houses and trees but I had never been there before and during the week the traffic is too heavy to try to get across Prince of Wales Drive. I did manage to get a photo of a little rabbit and a goldfinch.

When I came back, I called my sister to see what they were doing today. They had some shopping to do so I headed to WalMart in Orleans and it started raining while I inside. I had tried to go Friday but the traffic was too heavy. I managed to find it but didn’t find what I wanted there so stopped at Giant Tiger on Walkley on the way back and then WalMart on Bank Street where I found my duck boots. I got home shortly after noon.

My sister then called to see if I had gone out shopping. She and her husband were just setting out and offered to drop our mail off. I wound up going shopping with them and hit yet another WalMart, this time in Barrhaven. Margie is looking for a patio set and Danica is looking for shoes. We weren’t successful for either item. I got home just before 4:00 p.m. in time to feed Bib.

Gordon went out after dinner to get his photo of the day and Bib and I stayed home.

Tonight it’s TV.

No photos for today. My photos of the goldfinch didn’t turn out very well.

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