Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Appointment & Other Things

Watson's Mill, Manotick

A.Y. Jackson Park, Manotick

Bib having a nap

This morning was a typical morning, walks, TV, naps etc.

We had an appointment to see our financial advisor this afternoon to get finances straightened out, that being done we came back to the RV, picked up the dog and headed to Sleepy Cedars RV Park at Manotick Station. We had never been there before so thought we’d check it out. Too many trees. We like Tranquil Acres at Carleton Place better. After that we drove into Manotick and took some photos of Watson’s Mill and A.Y. Jackson Park, shown above.

I made a nice Salsa Chicken recipe for dinner. We had something like it at my sister’s last week so thought I would give it a try. It turned out quite well. I did a few adaptations to my brother-in-law’s recipe but it was the same idea.

Another night of TV! The joys of being retired! Not much different than when we were in the house.

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    Well, that mill looks mighty familiar! :)

    Salsa chicken sounds wonderful. I do have a penchant for salsa...meaning, I could eat it (and nachos) every day of my life if given the chance!


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