Saturday, 13 May 2006

Not Much Happening!

Lilacs in bloom

Robin in the park

Rabbit in the park

Pretty trees in someone's front yard

Today was cloudy and cool, quite windy but not much rain. I didn’t seem to have the energy to do much but just before noon I got my first wind and got the laundry done. The laundry room here is very small and very basic – 2 washers and 1 gas dryer. The dryer works really well so it probably didn’t take me any longer to do 3 loads of laundry than it would at a Laundromat and I didn’t have to go outside the park.

This afternoon, I read and napped off and on and spent some time on the internet. We’ve been lucky with all the cloud today that the internet was pretty constant.

Gordon got the network card in our desktop PC so now he can have two computers going at the same time and be on the internet just the same as he did when we had a stick house.

My back has been acting up again today. Sure hope it feels better tomorrow.

Photos above taken on my morning walk around the neighbourhood and the park.

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