Friday, 19 May 2006

Thursday Update and Friday Review

Trees Reflection-Andrew Hayden Park, Ottawa

Mist over Ottawa River - taken from Andrew Hayden Park, Ottawa

Goose and goslings taken at Andrew Hayden Park, Ottawa

Andrew Hayden Park scene, Ottawa

Our annual physicals yesterday turned out well. My doctor says that retirement is agreeing with me. She's even given me the ok to go off my blood pressure medication to see what happens. Luckily since I had all the blood tests done when I was in the hospital in Cincinatti so I don’t need to have them done again! YAY!

Yesterday afternoon turned out to be not too bad so we took the dog and went back and parked at Hog’s Back and then walked a bit along the canal. The sun was out for a while so glad we took advantage of it. We took a few photos, then returned to the RV.

Our niece, Danica has the honour of being one of the best young musicians in Ottawa and is presently spending the week at a festival in downtown Ottawa. Here’s the writeup from yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen.

Here’s the Musicfest website:
The Ottawa Citizen
Young Ottawa-area musicians to play with the best of Musicfest

Published: Thursday, May 18, 2006
A handful of Ottawa-area musicians have been picked from among 9,000 young players to be part of two bands that represent the best of Musicfest, a week-long festival that brings thousands of young musicians from across the continent to Ottawa.
Included in the National Concert Band are Ottawa-area musicians Melissa Jerome (bassoon), Christian Paquette (flute), Jonathan Camire (French horn), Gabrielle Smith (alto sax), Patrick Trahan (baritone sax), Julian Simard (trombone), Jeffrey Teutsch (trombone ), Danica De Jong (trumpet), Isabelle Lee (trumpet) and Sebastian Bouchard (tuba).
Included in the Yamaha All-Star band are Ottawa-area musicians Nathan Cepelinski (sax), Megan Jutting (trumpet), Eric Cathcart (guitar), Lucas Haneman (guitar), and Alex Mastronardi (bass).
Both bands will perform at the National Arts Centre during the final days of Musicfest. The concerts are open to Musicfest participants only.

Today Gordon was supposed to go for his bloodwork but he forgot and drank some coffee when he got up so we canned that for today. I went to the chiropractor and then to the library. I decided to take advantage of my library membership while we’re here so now I’ve got a lot of reading to do! The morning was cloudy and not very nice but at least it didn’t rain while I was out. When I returned I started to read and of course, fell asleep. More reading, interneting and that was my day!

Later this afternoon, Gordon was going to update my Firefox but somehow lost my bookmark folder, I guess he reloaded the program or something. Anyway, I’ve been trying to recreate it. Thank goodness for history!

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    When I was in high school, our band used to compete in Musicfest here in Ottawa - both regular band and jazz band, both in which I played the sax. I can remember each year packing up the buses and driving up for the day. As I recall we usually did pretty well. Believe me, there was hell to pay from our band leader if we didn't do well!


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