Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday-Friday August 25-27, 2010


Today was mostly unexciting.

I did have a telephone interview for my application for social security benefits. Now as long as the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa will certify that they have met me and I am who I say I am, certify my documents and my application, I should be good to go! I have to call and set up an appointment as soon as I get the application from the Social Security Office in Ogdensburg, NY.

I finally got out for my morning walk. It was cloudy and cool but humid. Most of the day was cloudy with sunny breaks. Thank goodness it wasn't hot as it was humid!

We went to Home Hardware to buy another doorbell, this time a wired one since the wireless one didn't work for long. Batteries ($13/each) don't last long in the summer so I can't imagine how long they'd last in winter! It should be installed tomorrow.

Sunset looked like it might be a good one so we went out and instead caught this pretty partial rainbow. The sunset itself turned into a non event.

Our pretty rainbow

Golden light, dark sky

The marshy area on the Jasper Road at golden light


I went for a long walk/run this morning. It feels really good to get back in the swing of things finally.

We had strange weather today as little pockets of rain were all over our area on the radar map. It was quite cool as well with quite a breeze. Our high might have been somewhere around 20C (68F). I didn't really look.

Late this morning our plumber/electrician came by as scheduled. He put in our doorbell with both front and back bells and our dedicated plug for our electric fireplace but most exciting for me was finally getting my bathroom counter and sink in!

Note our 'working' fireplace

Our working fireplace

And our new bathroom counter, sink and tap

The taps that we had installed a couple of months ago wouldn't work with this sink so while our plumber was putting in the pipes under the sink we took off to find new taps. We got some that are quite different.

Due to the width of the counter and the size of the sink we had to offset the taps but I think it looks cool!


My day started with another walk/run in the cool sunshine! Definitely a feeling of Fall in the air the last couple of days. It was only 11C (52F) when I was out this morning. The weekend however is supposed to be hot and humid.

Our plumber was here bright and early to install the taps that he took out of the upstairs bathroom downstairs in our half bath. His bill wasn't all that bad considering the work he did. He was much cheaper than the guy who came a couple of months ago and he also did more work!

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. We did have to go to Home Hardware again (our home away from home) but other than that my day consisted of reading and napping and computer time.


  1. Your fireplace and new bathroom vanity are lovely. You are truly making your home a castle.
    The pictures are beautiful, as always.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Love the fireplace! now how did you do that flicker???

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. I would have never known about the faucet offset had you not pointed out that it wouldn't have fit against the wall. It really looks kind of designer like.

    Again nice photos!


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