Friday, 6 August 2010


Today was sunny but much cooler with a high of 21C (70F) and a breeze. Although the surgeon said I could go for my walks, since my depth perception is way off kilter I've decided to hold off for a while. I don't want to fall again at this point. I'm also not going to drive until my left eye is done. He didn't mention driving so I could probably do it but I'd rather feel that I could do it safely. LOL

Gordon drove me to pick up a few groceries this morning and came along to carry them for me. It's so difficult not to be able to do the things you normally do without thinking. Even typing. With my reading glasses, I have the left one covered and I find myself using the wrong fingers on the wrong letters way too often but I'm too stubborn and addicted to my computer to give it up!

When in the store this morning, I had to keep getting my reading glasses out of my pocket to look at ingredients and that has definitely been the deciding factor in choosing to do my left eye for close up vision.

I was able to make another load of bread. I know the recipe off by heart at this point so it wasn't too difficult. I just had to get Gordon to lift the breadmaker out of the cupboard for me.

Our neighbour sold her house. It wasn't on the market long at all. I told her it would sell quickly. It's a very cute little house. Apparently a young girl has purchased it.

We had another beautiful sunset.


I woke up to a beautiful sunny day again, no humidity. I've been sleeping like a log the last few nights.

Late this morning we checked out a few garage sales and Gordon found a circular saw. I didn't buy anything. We decided to have lunch and go for a drive after. We headed for Brockville, Ontario. Down at the water in Brockville we can pick up the Verizon network so we were going to update our roaming. However, Brockville was a zoo! There was definitely something going on so we headed west along the 1000 Islands Parkway and found a spot there where we could update the phones.

Driving along the 1000 Islands Parkway

We stopped to update the roaming on our Verizon cell phones and I took a photo of this island

We stopped at the little tourist town of Rockport, Ontario. Again, people all over the place. The cruises to Boldt Island are still very popular and one cruise leaves from Rockport. We parked and walked around a bit and took some photos.

Tourboat to Boldt Castle

These pretty orange flowers were in a planter outside a restaurant at the pier

I liked the shape of this restaurant building

Not your average phone booth

Church taken from the pier in Rockport

Pear tree

From there we continued west to Gananoque. This is another nice little town but it was also busy. We parked and walked around downtown. I was hungry so we stopped at Tilly's. Gordon had some ice cream and I had an omelet.

Taken at Tilly's in Gananoque - my new sunglasses

Downtown Gananoque

From there we started north through the country and stopped to take some church photos in the little town of Elgin.

It was a lovely day for a drive!


  1. Glad to see your doing well. Hope the recovery continues at lightening speed.
    Rod and Loyce

  2. Glad to hear you are doing can always get a chain to hold your eyeglasses around your neck....I find it more convenient that way-- and I CAN find them mosttimes. I always thought wearing your glasses around your neck was just for "old ladies" ---- but now I are one and I love it!!


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