Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sunday & Monday June 20 & 21, 2010

Saturday evening

After I posted, Gordon decided he wanted to go for a drive so away we went to the wilds south west of here about an hour or so away. We found some nice spots for photos and a really beautiful spot for sunset.

Osprey on nest

Along County Road 10 southwest of Smiths Falls

The sunset over Devil Lake

In response to Penny's comment on my last blog about our vanity, the vanity is 49 inches long and 19 inches wide and the sink is offset to the right hand side.


We went out to pick up a few things Sunday morning. It was very hot and humid today although not what folks in the U.S. are experiencing.

This afternoon we went to the RV to get some more stuff. The interior is cleaned out and just the lower storage area left for another day. We took some photos around the park but the mosquitoes were out in force today!

A flower in the Tranquil Acres garden

There was a beautiful sunset tonight but I elected not to go out. Bummer! Gordon saw three loons at Kilmarnock Lock where it also has a beautiful view of the sunset. Oh well, I'll learn! I did take a photo of it from our front yard.

Taken from our front yard


The humidity was gone as I went out for my walk. It was really beautiful and sunny. I'm enjoying my ipod with all the new music I've put on it.

Gordon got some little jobs looked after today. He worked on plugging the hole in the cinder block foundation and also worked on straightening and securing the rain gutter that is part of the porch canopy. The guy who owned the house before us was a Red Green type of person - fix it with baler twine and duct tape and he was supposedly a contractor. Sure hope he did better on the houses he was building than he did on his own house!

I went out and picked up some groceries and a couple of trips were made to the hardware store. Glad it's not far to go!

This afternoon I had a nap as my eyes were getting really tired.

It was a really nice day, sunny and warm 32C (89F) but with 39% humidity. Dee, you need to be up here!

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  1. Yes, the one piece vanity tops still seem to be cheaper here, even at 49". They come left, center or right bowl in the ones I have seen.
    Or you could make you own, if you want it out of Formica or tile. Gordon is so useful at fixing things, and is quite the handyman. He will have a workshop next! The joys of ownership.

    What lovely views you have, no wonder you chose that house, and in that area. It looks so inviting.

    Gorgeous pictures, as always, thanks.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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