Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday June 13, 2010

This morning we headed out to more flea markets. On the way to one we saw a garage sale so stopped on the way back. I got an inside garbage can that is separated with one small black box and one small blue box for recyclables. I've been using plastic bags in my broom closet so thought this would be more efficient. However, the garbage can is too big for the closet. I can get the black and blue box in it though.

My $3 purchase

We didn't find anything at any of the flea markets.

Before we went out this morning, Gordon got our wireless doorbell in place. The front and back doors have different chimes. Cool!

This afternoon we went to the town of Perth which is about 20 km (12 miles) or so from Smiths Falls. Perth is a very pretty town and in fact claims to be the prettiest town in Ontario. We stopped by the Perth Conservation Area on our way as we took the Rideau Ferry Road to get there. That is also a pretty drive. We stopped at a flea market in Perth but this was more of an antique market and had prices to reflect that so on we went, parked the truck and took a walk around town. We took a different route home. It was a nice little Sunday drive.

Perth Conservation Area & Tay Marsh Butterfly Trail - leads out to the marsh

Fountains in the Tay River in downtown Perth

This tower is part of the Perth Public Library. It is called the Hose Tower as it is where the firefighters hung the hoses to dry out.

I thought this slogan was kind of catchy for the Perth Courier newspaper

This reminded me of a Japanese Bridge

More of Stewart Park

Sitting on the end of one of the bridges in the park

I decided to get some swing time as it's a very pretty day here and then came in and made some meatloaf for dinner. It was excellent!


  1. Nice day. I like flea markets and garage sales. Nice find with the trash can. Meatloaf is good too.

  2. I didn't have a good place for a trash can in the RV and I don't have a good place here in the apartment.

    I liked your pictures very much.


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