Saturday, 6 March 2010

Saturday March 6, 2010-House Shopping

After thinking long and hard we've decided to stop fulltiming. The Immigration issue has a lot to do with it but while we don't have any critical health issues at this point we just feel the time is right to quit. We've really enjoyed our five years on the road and it's going to be hard to give up traveling and selling our 5er but we're hoping to still do a bit of traveling now and then. Thanks for all the Facebook comments.

We saw a really nice little house (and I do mean little) in a town about an hour southwest of Ottawa that would suit us nicely.

We had driven by this house early last month and made arrangements to go and see it today.

Here's a photo of the front of the house

We toured three other houses but this one was the one we liked, of course, the most expensive one. We have a 'view' of the river from it.

We had a look around town, checked out the supermarket that I hadn't been in before, looked at a couple of bulk stores that have some gluten free foods and that was about it.

We've decided to go back and see it again on Monday if the realtor can arrange it.

Nancy's house is conditionally sold. She looked at another one today and plans to put in an offer so we're all getting ready for new to us homes.

We've enjoyed meeting everyone on the road but now if you want to see us, Smiths Falls it is! There's a little RV park right in town on the Rideau canal.


  1. So sorry to hear you will not be on the road anymore or as much as you had been but glad that you were able to find a place you can call home.

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing the wonderful pictures from your walks around town. I hope you keep up your blog as you make this transition.

  2. A new exciting phase to life, and no one knows what is right for you except you and Gordon. We'll be traveling right by in September and you can bet we will let you know when we are in the area.

  3. Hi Sandra,

    I am excited for you, and what a charming house this is. My husband's parents sold their RV and went off the road last November, and have not regretted it. They decided that if they ever got the itch again, they could always rent one and take specific trips. They settled in a small town closed to Atlanta, and have access to a wonderful sports and recreation facility that will be great for them.

    I hope it works out the way you want it. Good luck!


  4. We will miss seeing you on the road, but you know what is best for you!!! We wish you all the best, and, yes, indeed, we will come by to visit if we get to the area!!! HUGS!!!

  5. Congrats on your decision and your new abode if it all works out. You guys gotta do what is right for you and hope you keep on blogging with your great photos! Please keep coming to rv dreams chat, as we would really really miss you there. Besides, how much chatting do we REALLY do about rving? LOL

    Karen and Steve

  6. Wow what a turn of events. I still hope you can resolve the boarder issues and go see those grandkids. And wish you will honor us from time to time with a blog as to how you are doing, even if it isn't a travel blog. We will miss a friend that we have come to know so well otherwise!
    Rod & Loyce

  7. Good luck to you in your new adventure. Maybe we'll see you sometime up there.
    Fred & Jo

  8. Gee, that came out of the blue to all of us out here.

    I know that having fulltimed twice, I appreciate my little home here in TX. So I can understand.

    I wish you well in your new adventure.
    Please don't forget to write!
    Happy House Warming, Penny, TX

  9. Hate that decision, but I sure understand. Please keep us informed on the blog as you do the transition and get moved in. I was really hoping you could travel during the summer months in Canada, but understand the costs of both places. We'll be up and we'll stay in touch.

  10. We wish you well on your new adventure but will miss having you on the road. Even though we haven't seen you for awhile, I always keep up with you through you blogs.
    We have some good friends who used to live in Ottawa & when we visited them a while back they took us through Smith Falls. It seemed like a very nice area. Our friends have now moved to a condo in Prescott. You can be sure that we'll stop by to see you if we ever get up to that area.
    Please keep in touch!

  11. Congratulations! Only you know when the time is right. And when it's right, it's right!

    The house is very cute. We hope it all works out. And, we look forward to the day when we can park at that RV park close by.


  12. Best of luck to you in this new adventure. The time will come for all of us FTer's eventually. The house you are interested in looks so great. Let us all know how it goes and if you make an offer! Exciting!!!

  13. Hard to know what to say guys. We all face the ending of RV days at some point but in this small tight knit community of RV bloggers it suddenly drives the point home when one of the flock's wings are clipped unexpectedly. It sends a bit of a shudder through the traveling folks as it spreads down the highway touching everyone as it passes. I still remember the day we met you folks in the BLM land near Why Az. Seems like last week. All the best guys..... AL.

  14. What a whirlwind of changes you've been living the past few months! I'm sorry we never got to meet on the road, but have so enjoyed getting to know you thru the blogs. I hope you continue to post to let us know how you and Gordon are doing.

    Enjoy this new phase of life. It's not the end, but another new adventure!

  15. Wow, what a surprise! I did get a little hint from reading your comment on Gypsy's blog, though. I hope this new move goes well for both of you. Sorry we didn't get to meet "on the road."

  16. Yes, it's a little sad knowing we won't be meeting up for shrimp boils or happy hours down in Texas or Arizona, but we do understand and wish you the best in your new home adventures.

    We'll definitely be looking you up when we get to your neighborhood!

  17. Sorry to hear you'll be off the road, but five years was a pretty good run! We have changed our lifestyle too by buying a park model on the East Coast and leaving our fifth wheel on the West Coast. After a while it gets harder to haul that fifth wheel around. And park it! So you probably would have come to that place eventually anyway eventually.

    But I still hope that the Immigration issue gets resolved for you so you can travel south sometimes! Take care; ;happy house hunting

  18. We wish you the best in your return to bricks and sticks. We hope you will keep your blog going as we loved reasding about your walks. Also enjoy Gordons photo blog and hope he continues his photos.

  19. I agree, keep on blogging. Hopefully one day we'll meet. And congratulations, best wishes on your way forward!

  20. Wishing you both the very best of luck. Sorry we will not catch up with you here in the states, but you never know when we will make it to Canada..
    I'm sure this was a hard decision...


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