Saturday, 13 March 2010

Saturday March 13, 2010-More Furniture Looking

Judy & Emma asked what a Compression Day is. I mentioned it in yesterday's blog. Nancy works longer hours for 9 days and then gets the 10th day off. The 10th day is the Compression Day or that's what they're called up here in the Government.

Last night we decided to go out to eat. Gordon was craving a pizza so we went to Zola's where we had gone for our anniversary in November. It's very close to us. I decided I'd ask if they could make me a pizza without cheese or tomato sauce and the answer was YES! So, I had my first pizza in forever with mushrooms, pepperoni, olive oil and spices. Boy was it every good! I used the gluten free crust as well. Next time, I'll try ham instead of pepperoni and the pepperoni affected my stomach a bit but not bad. They will also make me pasta without tomato sauce so I have to try that as well.

Pizza with no cheese or tomato

We also stopped at HomeSense and had a look around. I saw some lamps I like and a really big mirror for the bedroom.

The mirror

I was up bright and early this morning - before 7 a.m. I haven't done that in a long time. Gordon was out shooting early morning photos so I went for my walk and actually saw a bit of a sunrise.

This morning's sunrise above the low lying clouds

After we were breakfasted, showered and spiffed up we took off to look at furniture again. We've seen some credenzas that have a small electric fireplace in them and you put your TV on top and we found one today on sale. If I juggle my furniture buying a bit we might be able to get it. I'm thinking of buying a used dining room set. There's one I found on Kijiji that's about 1/2 the price of the one at the furniture store but doesn't have any leaves. I can live with that. Most of the time it's only two of us.

I saw this squirrel sitting on the fence this morning. He looked like he was sitting at the table ready to eat.

But we can't do anything till Tuesday when we go to the house for the inspection and while there we're measuring the walls for furniture placement. Gordon creates everything on the computer. We've always done this every time we've moved and moving goes so much more smoothly.

I also saw a sofa that I liked and was a bit cheaper than the one we saw this week. I can also have it custom ordered with my choice of fabric. It will take 10 weeks for delivery but that's ok. We can work around that.

We also looked at barbecues and outdoor furniture. I can't believe that this is the third day in a row that Gordon has gone shopping. Totally unheard of!


  1. It's a male reaction to our wives decorating a new nest. We feel the need to stay near and keep an eye on the treasury.

  2. That squirrel looks like a stuffed toy, ready to be cuddled. It is an exciting time for you. I hope you find just the right furniture for you at a price you like.

  3. Gee, after 9 long days, I would need more than one Compression Day!
    When I had to work 11 hour days, we worked four days, and then had three off. That was so much nicer than having to go in five days a week.

    That is great that you have found an eating place close by, that will cater to both Gordon's and your diets. Maybe you can eat White Spaghetti Sauce made with chicken, mushrooms, and olives, etc.?

    You really want that fireplace, don't you? I don't blame you. They are so cheerful on a cold day.

    Years ago, I found a corner TV stand that would accomodate the electric log fireplace that I already had bought at Sears Outlet, and it had a shelf for the VCR. I still have it, and moved it into this house, too, as I enjoyed it so much.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. That pizza looks amazing! :P


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