Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday March 15, 2010-Nancy's Present House Inspection

I didn't post on Sunday as I didn't do anything all day but read and nap.

Nancy's house was being inspected today so I cleaned our area up a bit this morning and then we took Max with us as he's not supposed to be in the house for the inspection.

It was a nice sunny day 15C (59F). We took Max to Bruce Pit which is the local dog park. It was pretty wet and muddy and still some snow and ice around but he had a good time. We then came back to Kanata and walked around the park close to the house. We were walking around without coats today it was so beautiful outside. It sure was nice! I really hate coats and boots! We dropped Max at the dog walkers for 4:30 so he could go for another walk. He should be a tired puppy dog tonight!

Walking Max at Bruce Pit

This tree is almost split in half. Must have been hit by lightning.

Beautiful old white birch tree

Max loves to roll in the snow

Grassy area for dogs to play off leash

Nancy's house passed inspection and now is officially sold. The inspection on her house that she's buying is tomorrow so I hope it goes as well. Our inspection of our house is also tomorrow. Busy, busy!


  1. Congrats to Nancy, it's all over. Our son signed his papers today for his house. Lots of people are selling right now. Hope all the rv-dreamers sell theirs. I'm so happy for both you and Nancy.

  2. hi.... i was surfing around online today looking for blogs about people living and traveling around in RV's. I came across yours.

    I am working at putting a resource site up for RVing and would love to repost some of your blog there.

    The site is I'm trying to build up stories, resources all with the aim to provide people inspiration so they take the plunge and live the dream!

    I see you are in Ottawa lately, i lived there for 8 years, know Bruce pit well! I think stories like yours are important, as even when there's a break in the lifestyle, it's all interesting and inspiring.

    If you feel you'd like to participate, you can email me at, or just reply to the comment and i should get that.



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