Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wednesday December 16, 2009-Walking on a Trail

Again, it was cold this morning and getting much colder tomorrow so no walk today.

After breakfast, we did, however drive to a little park, specifically Ravine Park not far from us and walk on the trail there for a bit. It appears that the trails within the city (they join one street to another going through green space within the city) are plowed so it makes it far easier for walking.

These mallards must have been awfully cold in this water today.

There are a couple of these little bridges along the trail going over the Upper Carp River.

Upper Carp River - I'm surprised it hasn't frozen yet. I guess the water is moving too fast.

Part of the trail

Gordon has been reading up on macular degeneration and read that carrot juice and raw kale have a lot of lutein in them so today we went in search of both and found them without much problem. I tried the raw kale and it's not bad at all. I had heard it was bitter. I loved cooked kale when I was a kid. My mother always put a cream sauce on it.

This afternoon I coloured my hair, no more roots!


  1. Sandra,
    Your pictures are beautiful, what a winter wonderland. The Christmas tree is incredible. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Maybe next winter our paths will cross and we can compare notes on our snow filled winters.

    Hugs, Karon

  2. Love the pictures. I would think ALL water would freeze up that way. I've seen Niagra Falls frozen in pictures.


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