Saturday, 19 December 2009

Saturday December 19, 2009-Getting Out in the Cold

Well, I tried walking this morning. It took me longer to get dressed for the cold than the time I was out. There was a north wind that was bone chilling.

However later in the morning it warmed up so Gordon and I headed off to the Arboretum. The parking lot was plowed and the snow was packed down in trails from people walking there so we didn't have to slog through the snowbanks.

Pretty snowy trees in the Arboretum

Kids on toboggans and plastic having fun on the hill

Snow trail

After that we found one road that went part way into the Experimental Farm.

Red barn in the Experimental Farm

Then it was off to Hog's Back. This spot is always so pretty in any season.

Rainbow at Hogs Back Falls

Dressed for the weather


After we got back this afternoon, I helped Nancy wrap her Christmas gifts. I don't often do that anymore so I'm out of practice. I need to learn some new techniques!

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  1. That's a great photo of the Icicles. Winter wonderland. I'm glad it's not winter year round.


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