Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tuesday December 15, 2009-Birthday

Today is my older sister's birthday! Happy Birthday, Betty!

I had a short walk this morning. It's really hard to walk on slushy snow and they hadn't plowed the street from the snow on Sunday. They finally did that tonight. They plow the mains streets right away but residential streets are last on the list!

We had errands to run this morning. One of them was to get the signed forms and questionaire back to the Immigration lawyer.

When we were finished we stopped and got some more snow photos. You're all going to be sick of them by the time April comes. I know I'm pretty sick of snow right now!

Here are the snow photos from today

And one of the sun trying to peep through the cloud cover


  1. I won't ever get tired of snowy pictures, especially since I always loved the snow but don't really want to live in it again. Hope everything goes well with the immigration problem. Do you have any idea when it might get resolved?

  2. Great photos! I like the one of the snow on the tree branch. Hope all goes well with the immigration lawyer papers!

  3. Very pretty.. I always loved the look of snow but not having to shovel out and drive to work in it..

  4. Here are my best wishes for fighting 'city hall', what blasted red tape!
    Lovely pictures of your Winter Wonderland.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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