Saturday, 21 November 2009

Saturday November 21, 2009-Company for Dinner

People have commented on my blog that we might still get out of here this winter. That's not in the plans even if the deportation thing gets resolved quickly. I have an appointment with an eye surgeon in January about getting my cataracts removed so even if this gets straightened out, we'll remain here in Ottawa for the winter.

It was 7C (45F) when I went for my morning walk so didn't need the usual bundling up. Just as I got to the Trans Canada Trail I heard the tap tap tapping of a little Downy Woodpecker. That made a good start to my day.

The Downy Woodpecker

Where are the green fields coming from at this time of year?

Lots of geese in the air this morning

Power grid runs along the Trans Canada Trail

We spent a pretty quiet day and I even got in a nap this afternoon before Nancy's company, Mark and Joyce arrived for dinner. These are old friends that used to be her neighbours in a previous location. We had an excellent dinner of ribs, broccoli, carrots, roast potatoes (I had brown rice) and I made two mug cakes since it was Joyce's birthday.


  1. OOH getting rid of those pesky cataracts is a good thing! My dad had both his eyes done, about a month apart. What he used to think was dingy yellows were really bright whites! Sure made a difference for him. Sad that you won't be heading to the US, but good to take care of those jeepers creepers peepers!

  2. Sorry to learn you've made it official and will not be visiting thr US this winter. We are going to miss all those great photos you and Gordon take when in Texas. But, I'm willing to bet you will have some good phots for us of your winter in Canada. Good luck on the cataracts. I will have my left eye done probably in February .

  3. Hey, that's making lemonade out of lemons. Something that us Canadians are pretty good at. I always wanted to see Ottawa in the winter and seeing it through yours and Gordons eyes will be great. Good luck with the eyes. The world will be a brighter place in the spring.


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