Thursday, 19 November 2009

Thursday November 19, 2009-Lawyer

After my morning walk and breakfast, I finally got around to calling the lawyer in Buffalo.

Photos from my morning walk-all about trees

First of course, the receptionist wanted payment, then she would make a telephone appointment with the lawyer. We got that straightened away and she called me back this afternoon with an appointment for tomorrow. So hopefully I will get some answers then.

We also managed to raise the head of the bed today. I've been feeling kind of ill the last few days and I have a feeling it's related to reflux so hopefully this will help.

Nancy left for work at 6 a.m. today and managed to stay all day. Amazing!


  1. Boy they treat you like your a common criminal. Hope you have the patience that this seems to take. We all know it's just a mixup of events and paperwork. Good luck getting them to understand it. Your lawyer is supposed to be on your side!

  2. Nice pictures in Ontario! Hope you make good progress with your appointments and the lawyers.

  3. Still thinking the good thoughts for you guys. Good luck on your appointment. Fingers still crossed.


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