Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wednesday September 2, 2009-Back in Lindsay

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. We reached a high of 26C (78F) with a light breeze.

This morning Betty and I hung around her condo getting some laundry done. Then we went to the closest mall to her condo called Cloverdale. Betty bought some sneakers and a T-shirt and I bought a shirt for Gordon. We had coffee and a muffin for lunch and shortly after 1 p.m. we headed back to Lindsay arriving a bit after 3 p.m.

This is the menagerie on Betty's kitchen table - from her safari in Kenya

We all had one of these artist renditions of our family home where we were born and raised. Gordon took the photo and did the art treatment. Ours of course went when we sold the house so I took a photo of Betty's today.

Gordon's new shirt in his favourite colour

Gordon had arrived about 1/2 hr before me so he was here to welcome me home!

Gordon brought back photos taken of my younger sister and her family by a photographer. I took a photo of the photo.

I had a good time. It's nice to see Toronto once in a while however I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!

Tonight after dinner, I found a surprise in the refrigerator. My sister had sent me some Raspberry Fluff from Ottawa. This is a dessert that my mother often made so we had some for dessert tonight. Thanks, Margie!


  1. I'm so glad you had fun on your sleepover. I'm glad it all worked out well and good weather.

  2. I understand your love hate relationship with Toronto. We live here in the KC metro, and I can't wait to get away, but then at times, only the city can offer the big time shopping or entertainment that we seem to crave. That's why the RV has wheels, LOL!

  3. Hey Gordon I like the shirt. I bought 8 T-shirts the other day on sale. I use to wear button up shirts for years working but now that I am retarded I just pull mine over my head.


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