Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday September 4, 2009-Washing the RV

This morning while bright and sunny still had some fog over the river when I went for my walk so I snapped a few photos.

Our site now that we have a neighbour

Mist over the lake

Fishermen on the lake

Path in the campground

Paintings as part of the deck

After breakfast, Gordon and I got busy washing the RV. Using our little four foot ladder is nearly useless to be able to get any elbow grease near the top so we used the picnic table with the ladder on top of it. I think we'll be getting a longer ladder soon. Just hope we're able to fasten it to the rear ladder on the RV for transport. It's quite a job! We broke for lunch and then back at it. All in all it took about 3 1/2 hours.

I sat outside for a while and read but the campground is filling up so came inside to nap and read. Then I made my Calico Beans recipe for the cornroast tomorrow night. The people on the cottage road where Betty and Garth have their cottage put on a cornroast every year and it's kind of a potluck thing. So they are now cooking away in the crockpot.

Today was a gorgeous day, perfect for washing the RV, not too hot and no humidity. It did reach 27C (80F) in the afternoon. The nights do get cool. It was only 9C (48F) when I got up this morning.


  1. Another thing to buy, a longer ladder. What a great day for you guys.

  2. I was forced to buy a ladder a few years was the only way I could get up in the world:))

  3. Love your stories and pictures and soooooo envy your travels !!!



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