Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tuesday September 8, 2009-House Photos and a Road Trip

Penny commented yesterday that the link in Gordon's blog to the house photos no longer works so I decided to post some of them. If you want to see a larger photo, click on the photo.

Front and rear of house

Foyer and powder room


Living room

Dining room

Third and fourth bedrooms (the fourth used to be my craft room). I haven't included the second bedroom since that was the office.

Rec room and Gordon's music room which is thru the French doors

Master bedroom and ensuite

Guest bathroom and backyard

It was a lovely house in a nice neighbourhood and it served us well for 11 years. We did a lot of work on it in those 11 years starting with a new kitchen, put in front and rear patios, finished the basement, upgraded the bathrooms and put in new windows and a new patio door. There are some things I miss about the house but definitely not the upkeep and the property taxes!

On to today....

This morning I called Sanderson Insurance here in Lindsay to get pricing for our travel medical insurance for the six months that we're in the US this winter. We've used them for four out of our five years mainly because they're associated with the Canadian RV Explorer Club and their insurance includes transporting the RV home if you're not able to do so. Most travel insurances are for people who either drive their car or fly.

This afternoon Betty picked me up and we drove around some of the small towns in the area again.

This is the bulk store in Cannington. Looks like an old fashioned general store.

Downtown Cannington

From there we drove to Bobcaygeon as there were a couple of shops Betty wanted to look in. We didn't buy anything.

We stopped to buy corn and then she dropped me off at the grocery store in Lindsay and Gordon picked me up.

Sure was a nice day again today. It feels like we're having our summer now!


  1. Oh, thank you for posting the pictures of your house, Sandra.
    Reminds me of British houses.
    It is lovely, but it would take more than an HDT to tow it!! And that is what it is all about for full time RVers, seeing a different view out of the window.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Happy Birthday Sandra! Have a wonderful special day!
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore


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