Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday September 7, 2009-Labour Day

Gordon was out before the sun came up this morning to meet up with a lady from the cottage area to take him to some local birding hot spots.

I did my own labour this morning and got the laundry ready and did some cleaning, had a shower and spent some computer time. I went back in Gordon's archives to read about getting ready to fulltime. You can read it by clicking here. It was interesting to go back over it after five years. Some of the links to photos are no longer any good though. I spent some time looking through photos of the house that Gordon had on DVD. It looked pretty good when it was all fixed up for sale!

I was lucky I went to do the laundry when I did. Lots of people showed up just after I did but I got it done and put away.

On returning to the RV I sat outside to read and walked around our little yard taking some photos.

We reached a high of 27C (81F) today but with the breeze it didn't feel hot and there was no humidity. Just a perfect day!

Gordon saw this hot air balloon when he was out grilling pork chops for dinner so I went out and snapped a photo.


  1. ohhhh, hot air balloon!! What a great shot!

  2. I enjoyed reading some of your beginning Full Timing. I couldn't see any of the pictures of your house though. Five years now, and still enjoying it, that is great.
    Many More Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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