Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunday September 6, 2009-Kinmount Fair

Today is my stepdaughter's birthday, she's 30 something so Happy Birthday Michelle!

It was a beautiful morning for a walk, just the right temperature at 14C (57F). I only had a light breakfast as we were to meet Betty and Garth at the cottage and then go for breakfast on our way to Kinmount Fair. On our way we stopped at a new park that they are putting in quite close to the cottage but it's a modular home park only.

We dropped the truck at the cottage and drove with Betty & Garth in Garth's Caddy. We stopped for breakfast at the Full Cup Cafe in Bobcaygeon. We were there a couple of weeks ago so I didn't take any photos this time.

Then it was on to the fair.

Betty and Garth waiting for the magician

And here he is - he was ok but he wasn't on stage long - only about 25 min. We were standing in the sun and it felt a lot hotter than it was. So Betty and I found some shade from the canopy of one of the games.

Betty petting the llama

The alpaca was so cute

Archie the pot-bellied pig

A typical fair scene

We got back to the cottage after 4 p.m. and headed home. I had seen this barn with the sheep yesterday and thought it made a nice photo.

We're pooped!


  1. oh the memories of a small fair and animals. Neat looking alpaca, that's a new animal to me, never heard of it. Great pictures.

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