Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Wednesday August 5, 2009-Discovery Harbour

We had a bright, sunny, gorgeous day today 22C (72F) with a breeze. It was a perfect day to return to the Georgian Bay area. We took the scenic route through a lot of back roads and so I have some barn photos for you today.

And lots of bales of hay

It only took about 1/2 longer to reach Midland than it normally does. First stop was Walmart for a bathroom break then we continued on to Penetanguishine where we stopped at Discovery Harbour.

In 1812 the war with the Americans forced the British to set up a naval base on Lake Huron. After two garrisons in the area fell to the Americans in 1818 Penetanguishene became a garrison town as well. Some buildings here, on Discovery Harbour have recently been restored, and visitors can see recreations of the officers' quarters, crew rooms, stores, and ships' repair shops.

Not being a history buff I usually elect not to go to these places but this one wasn't too bad although after 1 1/2 hours or so I was ready to go. We got lots of photos though!

Commanding Officer's House complete with Commanding Officer

His Kitchen

Officer's Quarters

We took a slightly different route on the way back arriving home around 3 p.m. in time for a nap.

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  1. ohhhh the barns are so neat! The 3rd one looks just like the one I grew up with, (only newer looking). Thanks so very much!


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