Monday, 3 August 2009

Monday August 3, 2009 - Canada's Civic Holiday

The first Monday of August is a Civic Holiday in Canada so I hope all the poor working stiffs had a good day off! LOL!!

Today was a pretty slow day, mostly cloudy and cool. The weekenders are pretty much gone from the campground, thank goodness.

We had a group of teenage boys going back and forth behind our RV last night on a golf cart yelling and making all kinds of noise. They must be visitors of the seasonal people to have a golf cart. This morning when I went for my walk there were geraniums uprooted from the flower barrels all over the lawn behind us and a bunch of garbage strewn around. I'm just glad they left our satellite dishes alone but I hope the management gets after them. Hoodlums in training!

After breakfast I decided to sit outside and read even though it was cloudy. I did have a few sunny breaks. I sat out till the sky started to get really dark after lunch, then read more inside. We did have a little rain this afternoon but it was only sprinkles.

We had our Black Bean and Rice Salad for dinner and although it was good, we both thought it needed more liquid.

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  1. Great looking campground. I read blogs all morning and the most thing mentioned was watching people leave yesterday and the fulltimers were thrilled to death.


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