Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sunday June 21, 2009 - On the Move!

I was up just before 6 this morning. Travel day! Instead of taking my walk, I made lunches for us as usual on a travel day.

Gordon had gone out to take photos at sunrise but was back shortly after I got up. To see one of his photos click here.

We left Deux Rivieres at 8:15 a.m., partly sunny skies and 20C (68F). The plan was to head to either Whitefish to overnight or Spragge. When we passed Whitefish it was pretty early so decided to head on to Spragge. On line it said there was a KOA at Spragge but it looked like it wasn't operating as a KOA anymore. When we got cell service again I called and got an answering machine. I really, really hate that! It was no longer a KOA. To make a long story short, we couldn't find it. So Gordon located a campground at Iron Bridge called Viking Tent and Trailer Park but when we got there there were too many trees for our internet satellite and to top it off the power was off.

Starting on our way

Lake Nipissing at North Bay

I took a photo of our rig at one of the turn outs where we stopped for a break

Lots of rocks

Beautiful lupins along the way

We needed our satellite or wifi as Gordon has a photo order coming through tomorrow and will need to send out his photos to a repeat customer.

So we headed out for the KOA at Sault Ste Marie. We arrived at 3:15 p.m. seven hours on the road! When we arrived we found out that their wifi is down! Just our luck! So Gordon set up our own internet satellite. The wifi should be back on. It's something to do with the cable company.

Our site


Flower garden with some sites behind

Our row

So we're here and we're tired but we're only overnighting at $49/night. We did have a 10% off coupon so ONLY paid $46. It's a really nice park but there are a lot of trees. We were lucky that our satellite is on tripod otherwise we'd be out of luck. They also have cable TV so we're taking advantage of that. It is a very nice campground.

We need to go out for diesel tonight and we might take a little tour of the city. Gordon has never been here and I was here briefly when I was 14 just passing thru on our way to Thunder Bay so everything has changed since then. We also want to find the bridge to the USA as we'll probably go to southern Ontario on our way back and the shortest, easiest route is through Michigan.


  1. Great photos of the park, thanks. Gordon, I like the sunrise, I seldom see those.

  2. Gorgeous scenery and looks like a nice KOA, but darn those places are pricey. I am enjoying riding along on your Northerly trek.


  3. that sure does look like a blast. Keep up up dated on all of your adventures.


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