Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday June 26, 2009

Darn black flies! They love to get up under your hair in the back and bite! I don't put Deet in my hair nor do I have any intention of doing so. I guess I'll have to put up with bites!

Last night we went out for sunset. It was a pretty one!

Interesting sky on the way to the place we like for sunsets.

One of the sunset photos

Golden light

Beautiful drive

More interesting clouds - see the one peeking over the hill

Another sunset

And yet another....

This morning was bright and sunny and 13C (55F) but once I've gone around the campground once I come back to the rig so it only takes about 15 minutes. That's enough of battling the bugs for me!

I'm having problems with people's blog photos loading. We had been on good wifi at the campground in Carleton Place for so long I had forgotten that our internet satellite is much slower so I have to miss reading some blogs. It's the same problem that I have with music on blogs unfortunately.

There are a lot of our fellow RVers in Oregon this summer. I really miss the scenery there but I have to say that the scenery here at Lake Superior is pretty nice too. For those of you interested in jigsaw puzzles, has a puzzle today of the Cape Blanco lighthouse.

I saw on the RV-Dreams forum today where you can make your own license plate for your blog. Click here to go to the site. I have made ours and posted it on my blog's sidebar.

Dee also sent me a new game that takes no time to load. It's called Circle the Cat. And I won it - twice! Here's proof...stinkin' cat. LOL

Early this afternoon we got the email that Gordon's lens was in at the Camera Craft in Sault Ste Marie. I had just finished two loads of laundry so away we went to pick it up.

We stopped again at Walmart on the way back as I needed to get some 'after-bite' for my black fly bites. After that was accomplished we started on our way to Batchawana Bay with a few stops to try out the new lens. We also drove the road that goes around the bay and saw more fog coming in. It's really interesting the way in comes in, just like smoke!

Pretty spot on the way from Sault Ste Marie to Batchawana Bay

White caps

Fog rolling in

Steeple on an old church

The old church from across Batchawana Bay

Another beautiful spot

We might go out for sunset again tonight...stay tuned!


  1. Beautiful pics, Sandra - thanks for posting them. Pretty fast service on the lens - that's great.

  2. What can I say?? Pictures are beautiful! Oh I wish I could be up there temps and great views.

  3. I wanna be there too. Every day seems so long! Sorry about the black flies, maybe wear a very thin scraf around your neck.

  4. Black flies can be a nusiance! Larry always runs into them in the Adirondacks in early June. Does it get better later in the summer at Batchawana Bay?

    We just went through a couple of weeks here in the Finger Lakes where you can't leave your screened windows open at night with light inside. There are tiny, tiny flies that even come through the screens!


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